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hold on, the spin stops right here because always we are here because always we are looking out for you. closed captioning by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: welcome to this special edition of hannity. with the debt limit debate raging are getting more us from with our elected leaders in washington. for the next hour frank luntz will be in washington, d.c. bringing the voters together with america's leaders. >> over the next hour you will learn more about the deficit, the debt, medicare, spending all the issues are that affecting washington today. you are going to learn it from the american people. we are going to be using these patented dials. the higher they react the more favorable they feel about what they hear if they dial it down,
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you know they don't an with their elected officials. what is unique about this is, not only are you going to hear from the people making the policy, but you are going to hear from the american people who have to live with that policy. i'm proud to begin with kevin mccarthy. you are the whip, the one responsible for getting this legislation through. my question is, you know how divided we are. you know there are challenges between the house, senate, white house, congress. even between politicians and the american people. how do we get it done? everybody react, please? >> only way we get it done, this is an opportunity. no more budget tricks, no more accounting gimmicks. no more broken promises. i think the american people deserve the right to know the truth. i believe when you give them the truth, they will make the right answer no more negative that you demonize the other person. churchill, once said you could
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always count and americans to do what is right after they've exhausted every other option this is our opportunity. we need to rise to the occasion as we've done every time before. >> my wife and i have two kids, 17 and 14. my wife and i no longer worry about what we become, we are worried about what our children become. this is the moment that america grows become. >> is that the right approach? >> yes! >> is that an approach that you can identify with? >> and the parents concerned about the budget, future even college education costs and taxes. i can definitely agree. >> you are one of the youngest, your reaction? >> i can see down-the-road spending is out of control. we have to take control now or there won't be anything for me. >> my reaction is what are you doing about it? what is your idea of a solution? >> specific solution. >> take away all the
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partisanship. sit down and work directly with the numbers. don't play the games that everything is negative. show what the numbers are. i will tell you, we have a 3.5 trillion dollar budget. 1.5 of it is borrowed. you can continue to live that way. >> you guys agree? >> yes! >> this is what you do. if you thought you could get out of this just by cutting. government is too large, 82% in the last three years in discretionary spending. >> you agree with that? >> yes. >> let's look at this like a normal houselhold. curb our spending where we can. do we have assets we can sell? and grow this economy. let's make this economy with more jobs. you get more taxes. >> specifically, what techniques are you using to eliminate the partisanship? most people are upset with it in america. >> i came in, in 2006. democrats the majority. i sat down with this other congressman who came with me,
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he's a democrat. we were here for seven months. i said ed, why don't we put a dinner together. let's not have everybody that is not a freshman. we both paid for it. we go to a restaurant. i start out saying, nobody can talk politics. why? no one talk politics. he we went around the room. we talked about our challenges, away from our family. our families. we have a lot of in common. the next dinner the next month, then let's talk politics. you start talking solutions. you realize we are in the same country, americans first. >> is this the right approach? >> dell. >> you wanted -- you are one of the toughest on politicians what is your reaction so far? >> my reaction so far is there's a lot of words that are there. the action from d.c. doesn't seem to be there. >> what do you want from d.c.? >> i want 'em to stop! >> stop what? >> stop abusing us.
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>> do you guys feel abused? >> yes nothing compared to what i will do to you. >> i don't necessarily feel abused. i think there's stuff hidden behind rhetoric. you are going to cut or sell assets. what assets are you talking about? >> i'm going to have you answer. first, patrick your reaction? >> how are you going to take this seriously and stop playing games? the games are like okay what percentage of the time are you working on reelection. what percentage of the time you are working on a solution? >> there's the dangerous thing. you've got our attention now. so you're in trouble. i'm talking d.c. in general. we are awake and we are paying attention. and we want the details. >> go ahead. >> that is exactly what has to take place. you start here and hold people's feet to the fire. there's a window of opportunity. if the country says we are at a debt limit. only been here, i'm in my
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third term. i did nothing to create this. i voted against most everything you saw coming through. i didn't create it. but i just inherited a company that has been mismanaged. that has to get put on to the right track. >> do you blame both parties? >> i blame both parties by far. there's enough blame to go around for everyone. let's start with that premise. second, what are you going to sell? do you know what is the audit of how many buildings we own? do you know how many cell phones we own or whether they are being used no business would run this way. >> everyone agree? >> yes. >> i look at my own cable bill on what we are spending and if the kids are buying a movie or not. first itemize what we have. sell what excess we den have. then look from another perspective. >> we are in crises mode. why do we always have to wait until one minute to midnight to solve our problems? >> we done foe what we are spending. we had -- we don't know what
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we are spending. we had the stimulus and the money went overseas. >> we don't want to cut anything dealing with our military. >> why not? >> most of america doesn't want to cut anything, we are not going to be able to do that. we have to be honest, you agree? >> yes! >> look, i'm a very big supporter of the military. you are going to tell me we spend more than 500 billion, we can't find ways? >> my brother was kill, special forces. you are telling me that we just killed the most evil person in the world, okay many he was sent there in 2005, in afghanistan. i found out later that he's hiding in pakistan. we need to support our military, our families and don't forget our gold star, honor and remember. >> agree with you 100%. you know how we can support them even more? is there any money wasted? you walk down this building. i believe in education. you know my background.
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i don't come from wealth. i came from a small school, put my own way through. i started a company, my own job at 19. i took the risk. >> are you saying the military is wealthy? >> no. listen to my point. you go down to the department of education building, the average salary there is over $100,000. what if that money was sent to the classroom instead of down the street? you agree? so how much money is spent in that pentagon and not on the frontline? >> exactly. >> that is what i'm talking about. eliminate that. more importantly, i live in california, okay. i see companies everyday leave my state because of my taxes. there's 37 million people in my state, 12% of the nation. 32% of the nation's welfare lives in my state. 25% of the budget from 144,000 out of 37 million. we never think we compete with other countries. this is what i say, let's give ourselves a level playing
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field not advantage. let's look at countries we compete with. if it is only three years in europe to bring a new drug to test, why is itself event in america? >> you agree? >> yes! >> if it is three pieces of paper to open a business in another country, why is it 10 here many >> the problem is entitlements two thirds of the budget what do we do with that? >> you have 10,000 a people a day getting on entitlements. we need to have a direct correlation this is a broken promise i talk about. you are going to hear politicians say there is nothing wrong with social security, there'spm> i gotta cut you off. how many of you say this is a good leader for congress? how many of you feel better about the situation because of what you heard from him? >> absolutely. >> i want to thank you very much for participating. mr. chip. and i want you to know -- mr. whip. and i want you to know there's more coming, democratic senators, republican senators, a $congressional women, all to
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i got an egg a candy necklace an orange a band-aid a stamp helium i got a mustache [p[pop] lipstick >> sean: welcome back. as we go back to frank luntz with his special focus group. as they come face-to-face with a freshman democratic senator.
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>> you've heard from the republicans. now it is time for a democratic response. before i go to senator bennett, i want you to see the single best pro-incumbent ad of 2010 this is language perfection. let's take a look. >> i've been in washington or only a year. it didn't take that long to see the whole place is broken. it is time to give them a wake-up call. that's why i'm for freezing congressional pay until we get our economy back on track. i think senators and congressmen should lose their own health insurance until they can stop insurance company abuses. i would ban members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennett and a this message because i'm i'm listening to colorado. >> what did you think of that ad? [ applause ] >> give me reaction. >> he sounded like an american. not some politician. >> what did you think? >> he gave concrete examples
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of what he would do. he would freeze congress' pay. the health insurance for everybody. those were concrete examples that i could look forward to. >> he was a normal american. he didn't come up here and be an elitist. >> family first. >> really positive. let me ask you. now you've been here another six, seven months. a year since you ran that ad. the place is a mess. what are you doing about it? >> place is a mess. the place is an absolute mess. and it is designed really in its own interests, for its own interests. it is not working well for the american people. from my point of view, what i've heard people say on the debt and deficit for example is that they want a solution that materially addresses the problem. they want to know we are all in it together. they want to emphatically know it is bipartisan, because nobody believes in either party's go it alone approach.
9:16 pm
i would add that the corollary that the capital markets need to know their paper is worth what it is worth. >> you guys agree? >> yes! >> keep going. in this town, in washington, d.c., it looks like that we're in danger of not being able to get to that common sense result. because people here don't believe that compromise on these things is a good thing. they are into the conflict. people at home, once you get past the talking points, aren't interested in the conflict because they are deeply worried about the future we are leaving to our kids. >> don't you believe a lot of the heated debate we have now is because of the health care? when democrats had control of all the senate and the house and the presidency, kind of shoved that down the american people's throats, and though they didn't want it. now there is something coming up where they want and now they want compromise? >> i think you are right. i think people saw that as a
9:17 pm
partisan effort. it wasn't bipartisan. i think a lot of reason it was so partisan is because of the way washington works. a number of the issues we are dealing with, in that context, in health care context, are issues that republicans and democrats over many years have supported. but washington has a way of making it more partisan. i ran in the general elect this time, saying my opponent supported what was then call the ryan road map. and that only 8 or 10 other congressmen supported that. no senators at that time sue poured it. then the first thing that happens is, -- sue poured it. then the first thing that happens is, when the house changes it passed. both parties have a way of lurging back and forth and not -- lurching back and forth and not solving problems what message would you want to send to washington? >> i come from a gold star family.
9:18 pm
my brother was killed in afghanistan. for me, don't forget us. my father, he fought. this issue is very important. just keep us in mine. done forget the real people, once you are elected just remember us. >> let me say first of all, i'm very sorry for your loss. but, it is a perfect example of what we're not talking about in this town. i was on the floor of the senate today. and i said look, think about it in different terms. think about it this way. we've been fighting two wars over the last 10 years. we cut taxes. we haven't found money to spend -- any way to pay for the wars. our only theory is to continue borrowing money from the chinese and other folks to pay for the wars. we are sending our young men and women overseas, who are making a sacrifice that's unimaginable, to me. i know you've had to live with
9:19 pm
it. the least we could do is have a grown-up conversation about how we are going to deal with this debt and how we are going to pay for the wars. >> your reaction? >> that sounds good. how do you deal with the debt ceiling at this point? that is something that is near and dear to all of us. senator mcconnell just came out with a statement about giving control back to obama. how do you feel about that? >> another way of saying that is putting all of the responsibility in one place. i think everybody here that is paid a taxpayer's salary ought to be responsible for figuring out how to fix this problem. there's been a lot of talk about what the founders said many one of the things the founders said was we shouldn't drive up our interest rates during wartime. i was on the floor today talking that. they are right. we've got to work together as americans and address these problems. not just debt and deficit but all the other issues.
9:20 pm
>> you guys agree? >> yes senator, thank you. [ applause ] >> when we come back, the vice chairman of the republican conference on the senate. we are bringing you the [ male announcer ] a moment that starts off ordinary can become romantic just like that. a spark might come from -- a touch, a glance -- it can come along anywhere, anytime. and when does, men with erectile dysfunction can be more confident in their abity to be ready with cialis for daily use.
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>> sean: welcome back to this special edition of hannity. what would you ask if you had
9:24 pm
the chance to hold politicians accountable? frank luntz brings them straight to the american people. he's got another special guest. >> in the only does the show give you the answers to what is happening in washington. we provide without leaders. the vice chairman of the senate republican conference, john barrasso. you are also a doctor. i want to is you about medicare and health care. it is one of the most controversial issues right now. polls show the american people don't agree with the republicans and their positions on medicare. are the american people wrong? >> the american people i've learned are never wrong. i practiced medicine for 25 years as an orthopedic surgeon in wyoming. they want care they need from a doctor they want at a cost they can afford. medicare has been a wonderful successful program. when they started in 1965, people then were live to 69, women to 70. because of the advances in
9:25 pm
modern medicine, women are living into their early 80s. men to late 70s. there's a huge challenge. the baby boomers who were teenagers when they formed medicare are now at 10,000 a day coming on to the medicare rolls. we need to strengthen medicare everyone the wakeup call was recently when the folks at medicare said we are going to be bankrupt five years sooner than we thought. 13 years from now. the truth of the matter is, we have to save and strengthen medicare. not jut for the people who are on it now, but also for the next generation so it is there for them. >> what do you think? you guys agree ? >> yes. >> the thin we hear most is waste, fraud and abuse. we never see anyone get fired or go to jail for waste, fraud and abuse. >> if they could cut out all the waste, fraud and abuse would that solve the medicare
9:26 pm
problem? who says yes? who says no. they are more sophisticated than you might have expected. they asked a legitimate question. how do you save medicare? >> waste, fraud and abuse is just part of it. i think you have to have a patient-centered approach. not insurance company-centered approach or government-centered approach. there are two plans, one trust the american people to make their decisions and give them control of their own lives. which is a proposal that i support. the other gives the control of americans lives to a board. a that is not accountable. not elected. this is a board that i believe is going to deny care for american seniors. that's my worry. the health care law, which i did not support, it took over 500 billion dollars from our seniors on medicare. not to save medicare, but to start a new government program for other people. i think that's the big problem. >> reactions?
9:27 pm
>> the words you use, we hear these catchphrases out of d.c.. tell us what the words mean. obama uses shared sacrifice or sacrifice what does that word mean? >> everyone at 50 please, great question. >> strengthen to me, means giving people more control of their own lives. having decisions made by the patient and the doctor not by a government bureaucrat or insurance company bureaucrat. if you let people be responsible shoppers they do a much better job than a government one size fits all approach. that's the position that i've supported and continue to support. having patients involved in the decisions and their care. >> i'm a friend of a doctor. i remember in the day when people would come in and there would be a sign at the door saying that payment is due when service is rendered. and they didn't have insurance or anything like that. not as much as they do now. i think the big problem is, people don't know how much it really costs for health care.
9:28 pm
explain more how choice can help that. >> patients don't know what it costs. as a matter of fact, they don't think of it as their money. it is somebody else's money company, the government money people are much -- i think people are really smart and really good with how they spend their own money but they don't think about it as much. you have doctors who are concerned about lawsuit abuse, ordering a lot of expensive and unnecessary tests. as you said, you are the son of a physician, likely found themselves in a situation ordering spence -- expensive tests afraid they might get sued. >> you are a doctor and you are trashing your on profession? >> i'm saying that's the reality of the health care system. patients don't know what a lot of things cost. doctors are concerned. so you have additional costs and unnecessary services given. >> one more question.
9:29 pm
and you can give me a one-word answer. are you more proud of being a doctor or senator? >> i'm more proud of being a doctor. i'm more at home in the operating room and in a patient's office visiting than on the floor of the united states senate. >> you guys like that? >> yes. >> senator barrasso, thanks very much. >> thanks for having me. [ applause ] >> when we come back senator tom coburn and the first ever [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] built like a volkswagen. the 2011 tigua [ grunts ]
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. >> sean: we continue with the special edition of hannity. we go back to washington, d.c.. >> you've heard from the republicans and you've heard from the democrats. now we are going to hear from an individual who tried to straddle the finances. senator tom coburn, -- straddle the fence. senator tom coburn there was a time when you were part of the gang of six when you were trying to find some sort of
9:34 pm
compromise. why did you take that position? >> because the only way you solve our problems, and our problem is going to affect a democrat or republican, exactly the same when we -- if we don't solve them. the only way you solve it is recognize that you have to meet in the middle to solve our country's problems. if you say i'm here and you have to come to me, you'll never get 'em there. it didn't matter whether you are on the political right or left. this country isn't extreme on either end. we're center, center right. >> you did anger some republicans by being open to some things that some of your colleagues were not open to. you all can again react to it. tell me about that. >> well, first of all, i'm an american. a husband. a father. a doctor. long before i'm a republican. if i don't solve problems for our country, it impacts my
9:35 pm
grandchildren. it impacts my family. it impacts my community. i think we have our allegiances messed up. >> how do we react to that, positive? yes or no? who has a positive reaction to what he just said? >> it is all about meeting in the middle. and having some kind of compromise which there hasn't been in washington for a long time. >> why so positive? >> if you don't compromise you are going to polarize the people that done like a particular strategy. we have -- that don't like a particular strategy. >> i think your point about the future is critical our kids, grandkids and our country. >> if you want to compromise so much then how come you couldn't get more of our republicans with that? >> i didn't ultimately end up there. let me explain. to be able to get us out of our problem, it is all of our
9:36 pm
problems. we have to first of all become accountable to the american people. number two, we have to learn to control what we can control. number three, we have to cut what isn't helping anybody today. if we don't do all three of those things. and we don't meet unthose premises, having an agreement to say you have an agreement if it doesn't solve the problem which was my difficulty and why i left. we didn't solve the problem. if you want to solve our country's problem, the federal government has to have a take out of the gdp less than 18.8%. >> you agree? >> yes how? that mean the federal government has to become a quarter small are than what it is today. it is twice as big as it was 10 years ago that is not hard to do what is hard to do is get the consensus us is to go
9:37 pm
there. the reason we can't get the consensus is because most members of congress don't know the facts. >> do you agree? >> yes. >> who voted for barack obama? >> who has a positive reaction to what he's saying? tell me why? >> he's talking about everyone coming together. taking advantage of basically telling the fact -- any way i believe those things need to be done. there's a lot of programs they are running right now that don't serve too much of a purpose or whatever purpose they were supposed to serve, they didn't make it. >> i'm an obama voter that screwed up with my choice. i agree because, our government has blown way out of proportion. and we have to rein in this. we have to do something to fix
9:38 pm
the amount of spending that is going on. >> do you think -- [ inaudible ] >> you don't all the way in the back why don't you think he will be successful? >> first of all, i'm a republican who voted for barack obama, just so you know. longtime republican. i don't believe the size of government is that serious of an issue. [ inaudible ] s of employees, in terms of dollars. i hear this argument. this argument isn't crystalized in my mind yet. want to cut government. you want to cut local government, state government, federal government? >> everyone at 50, quickly, specifically what bo you cut? >> i'm going to put out monday we are going to have a press conference. we are going to show you nine trillion worth of duplication, waste, inappropriate tppblgss of the federal government. and -- functions of the federal government. all you have to do is choose half of them.
9:39 pm
we are going to show you nine trillion. we know more about the federal government than any office in washington. we are going to put the details behind it. it will all be online, searchable database where you can see everything we are recommending and why. >> what do you think of this overall, positive or negative? dr. coburn, thank you very much. >> sean: coming up this congress has possibly more republican women than any other in u.s. history. next, frank brings a dozen gop congresswomen into the debate in a television first. that is straight ahead. ♪ ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ my only sunshine ♪ you makes me happy ♪ when skies are grey ♪ you'll never know, dear ♪ how much i love you ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪
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♪ hah
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>> sean: welcome back. frank luntz is in d.c. mixing it up. he has narrowed his focus group down to just women joined by gop congresswomen. >> you've heard from the men. now it is time to do something that has never been done on national television.
9:44 pm
a dozen elected members of congress who have one more thing in common, republican women. before i go to our panel of american people, i -- american women, i want you to hear something from the chair perp of the democratic national committee. language that i think is inappropriate. >> they've found plenty times to bring forward an extreme anti-women agenda, anti-women, anti-child and anti-taxpayer. the stream anti-woman agenda -- the extreme anti-woman agenda doesn't stop. can we stop the relentless attack on women many >> incredible said on the floor of the house of representatives. mary bon--- mary bono-mack? >> i think about the women i serve with who are mothers, grandmothers, sisters and daughters fighting the good fight for many years. many in high levels within the republican party.
9:45 pm
working hard on issues that affect the cross section of american values. i'm proud to be part of this group of women that comment is pure political posturing and it is unfortunate. >> anti-women is that what you guys are? >> this is not about gender for us. it is about policy. we know where we are on policy. we are for small business. free enterprise. we are for preserving freedom. >> they say you are anti-women. they say your policy is anti-women. >> it is outrageous. i took it as debbie wasserman schultz being frightened the republicans won the women's vote in 2010. when a record number of women elected to the house of representatives. a dynamic group of women that represent a broad base from america, doctors, nurse, small business owners. >> how many of you are moms? every one of you. >> we rep the women of the country. we are moms, wives,
9:46 pm
grandmothers. we live in the daily life. we are the ones most of us who do the budget in the family. we are the once that are doing what you have to do is take care of a family to say that we are anti-women is really kind of out there. >> this is really the beginning of a movement where the republican party is opening its doors and making women feel like they are welcome. the democratic party has always been that party many now the republican women are saying no. the place for you getting this country back on track, doing what is right for your family is in the republican party. >> another thing that is so outrageous about it, it was basically republican women who fought for the right for women to vote. the first woman elected to congress was a republican. the first five women elected to congress were all republican women. so we've been out there for a long time. spearheading the drive for women to be involved. and for women to be part of the policy process at the
9:47 pm
highest level. >> one of the things that i think is neat and i don't know if all of you have found that. i'm finding after being in congress for many years that i have, that all of these young women all overmy district, and middle aged women -- all over my district are seeking office, running for mayor, school board, things they never thought possible. i think that is one of the great things we've been able to do is em-- empower them. >> women are starting businesses at twice the rate of men. as we talk about issues like that what she was trying to say is we can only talk about health care, education. we are everywhere. >> for me it was extremely disappointing comment. it was uttered by a fellow woman member of the house. we interact everyday with all of the other women of the house on both sides of the aisle. to me, i took it -- you try
9:48 pm
not to take things personally, because it is politics many but i'm a mother, a grandmother. i want for my daughter the same things she wants for her daughter. >> how many of were you offended by what she said? what is your reaction do they have a right to be offended or is it just politics as usual? >> you have a right to be insulted. it was untrue. >> i can understand why they feel offended. they are all working cohesively to make sure we are empowering women. >> some have said men are much more divisive, much more aggressive in their approach. and the approach tan by women can be more unifying -- tan by women can be more unifying and has the ability to bring people together is that real, fake? how do you react to them and what they've said? >> it is real. i was shocked to hear that the lady made that remark. it was so out of context, i think. it didn't ring true.
9:49 pm
>> one more. >> i think it is a stereotype type. i think women can be just as mean and divisive as men. >> was she mean and vindictive? >> i didn't think so. i could understand why somebody would be offended but that doesn't necessarily mean i'm offended. i wouldn't say that men are worse or women are worse. it is not just politics. but it is more of getting at the heart -- >> democratic national committee is that appropriate language for the leader of the democrats, yes or no? >> no. >> i want to talk about policy. we've got this big division between the white house and congress. big division between the house and senate, between republicans and democrats. can you repair the breach? >> absolutely. this is -- what we represent is problem solving. we represent empowerment for
9:50 pm
every american citizen. we represent the fight for jobs. we have to deal with our debt responsibly. >> what is responsibly? >> just as we would do in our homes or in our profession. we need to really find that middle ground. >> can we? >> yes, we can. we've all done it in -- >> why not? >> because of that type of rhetoric we heard in that recording. >> i don't think you can do it. >> i think we can. i recognize it is a tough assignment. what we as republicans really want is a game changer. we don't believe we can continue down the current course. that is the one -- i'm not sure that the president understands, it is not just about 2.4 trillion. it is about changing the way the federal government spends money. >> are you guys gonna find the solution? are you going to compromise with the president? >> it is my opinion that while
9:51 pm
all eyes have been on the president and the republican leaders in the house, john boehner and eric cantor. the people that going to solve this problem are actually mitch mcconnell and harry reid. i think we are watching the wrong people. >> interesting. i want to go to you for a concluding remark. i think you agree we are more divided than we've been in a long time. we are more negative what is the solution so people who watch programs like this don't have to be angry and frustrated every time they turn on their tv? >> i think that is a great question. first of all our voices are you nighted in the fact that we believe as kathy said there has to be -- a game changer. we are standing firm on that. every time you stand firm it becomes bipartisan bickering and anger. when in fact we are just holding the ground on is miss something true leadership out of the white house. i can tell you, i didn't know how many members -- it is
9:52 pm
leadership driven only. the president is not reaching out to anybody else. i think it is just a failure of leadership on his part. >> i know it is going to be tough. i'm hoping that we can find a way that we can talk to each other in a civil way, as we just did. i do hope the language that you use is going to be more embrace -- and less divisive. ♪
9:53 pm
♪ i like your messy hair ♪ i like the clothes you wear ♪ i like the way you sing ♪ and when you dance with me ♪ you always make me smile [ male announcer ] we believe you're at your best when you can relax and be yourself. and at thousands of newly refreshed holiday inn express hotels, you always can. holiday inn express. stay you. and now stay rewarded with vacation pay. stay two weekend nights and get a $75 prepaid card.
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>> sean: welcome back. let's go back out to d.c. where frank is bringing a dozen gop congresswomen together with american women voters. >> let's see what american women would ask congressional women. >> who hasn't been doing their job that we've come down to this deadline? >> right now we are fighting hard in washington, especially on the republican side am i think all of my fellow congresswomen could tell you. it is endless, day and night, trying to pass legislation. unfortunately, things stop at the senate steps. what i will tell you there is an atmosphere of unbelievable mistrust for the american people towards us. you do not believe we are doing the job that we are
9:57 pm
doing. >> do you brief -- do you believe they are? [ talking over each other ] >> it is a big job. [ talking over each other ] >> come spend the day with us, we'll show you. >> cynthia and you are the two appropriators. the people spending the money. but we cut money and we've been cutting. i chair a subcommittee. i've cut my budget 17% in the last six months many we are going to cut again next year. we've been working day and night. we've reduced what we think has been exorbitant spending. could we reduce it more? absolutely if we had everything on the take. >> do you think they are cutting? >> i think they are trying. >> you mentioned that you were moms and grandmothers. i was wondering what are your thoughts about some of the education programs that are being cut? >> we have to do it smarter. there's money there to be able
9:58 pm
to achieve the goals of good education at every level, if we do it marter. if you look across the government, all the different agent sees, you see education money -- money sprinkled everywhere. we have to prioritize, education is a top priority. let's did it better and smarter and our money will go farther. when we have to reor the sort to cuts we can keep the valuable programs and -- and get rid of the ones that aren't working. >> my aging parents have gone back to work. i'm curious as to what are some of the things they feel they can do to help with medicare so they aren't working until they are 90-years-old. >> i want to go back to the made by the head of the dnc about our being anti-women in relationship to medicare. it is women who are living the longest in our country. it is republicans who are doing everything we can to save the medicare program. if we were anti-woman we
9:59 pm
wouldn't be knocking ourselves out to save that program. we have a way to do that. the budget we passed this year, guarantees medicare would be saved and would be there in the long run. there is no proposal from the other side that would do the same thing. >> as women we are the workers, we take care of our children, we take care of our parents. that's why we are working so hard and sincerely on answers to that. >> i want to than the 12 you. this has never been done before. frankly, there haven't been enough republican congressional women to do something like this before. i particularly want to thank you all. and i want to empower you. i want you to speak up, speak out. i want your voice to be her. in the end the smaller the distance between you and them, the more healthy the democracy. i thank you all for watching. i hope you learned something tonight. we'll be doing this again, sometime soon. thank you very much. thank you guys. [

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